Thursday, 9 January 2014

Introduction: My progress over the years

    The college stereotype usually involves lots of drinking, partying, eating terribly, living on a budget, and of course “the freshman 15”.
    As a college student maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still getting out seemed like a pretty impossible task. During my first year I persevered and managed to put on 20 pounds of lean muscle. Eating healthy and starting a good workout routine is possible!  I will be posting on the blog various things on how to get in shape in college or stay in shape during college such workout routines, bodyweight workouts, MMA and Boxing workouts cheap meal ideas, time management ideas, and even some low-calorie drink idea's.
    First off I will post some photos of my fitness journey so far.

    In grade 12 (when I was 17) I looked like this:
At this time I had been working out, but briefly and didn't follow any particular diet.

In first year of college I looked like this:

By the end of my first year I had managed to put on 20lbs of lean muscle all with healthy eating and a solid workout routine.


So I have been able to make a lot of progress since I started college. 

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