Monday, 20 January 2014

Good Chest Workout

Incline Bench Press (Dumbbell or bar bell):
7 sets usually work my way up until I can't anymore than work back down (pyramid set). (Eg. First set 60lbs dumbells 12 reps, Second set 65lbs 10 reps, third set 70lbs 10 reps, fourth set 75lbs 8 reps, fifth set 80lbs 6 reps, sixth set 70lbs 6 reps, seventh set  60lbs 8 reps.

Superset each with dumbbell flies (usually a lighter weight for 10-12 reps each set)
Flat Bench Press:
4 Sets, Progressively add weight each set. Eg. First set 60lbs, Second set 65lbs, third 70lbs, fourth 75lbs
Decline Bench Press:
3 Sets, same as the flat press

Cable Flies:
First two sets:
-Set the cables on a higher setting, and set it at a weight where you can do roughly twenty reps, then drop and do push-ups till failure. (repeat)

Second two sets:
-Set the cables to  a lower setting (near the bottom) and set it at a weight you can do roughly 20 reps, then push-ups until failure

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