Thursday, 9 January 2014

My Workout Schedule

    My workout schedule can differ from yours, this is just going to be an example of how you can design a workout schedule/calender to stay organized. I personally like to workout 6 days a week, while most others like more rest and go 3,4, or 5 times a week. This is up to you based on how you decide to design it.
    I do my workouts based on what day it is, for example:
Mondays-I like to do Legs, Biceps, and Abs. This is a pretty weird combo but based on how the rest of my schedule is laid out this is what I was left with. It's been working for me so I don't feel the need to change it.

   Tuesdays-Chest and Triceps (sometimes Calves as well). I've always done Chest and Triceps together because Triceps tend to be a secondary muscle to a good amount of chest workouts. Triceps contribute a lot to bench press style workouts.

   Wednesdays-Shoulders, back, and Abs. I personally like to do abs every other day, it works for me and I've been getting the best results. Some people like to give more rest for their abs but this has worked for me. Shoulders and back go well together because a lot of shoulder exercises contribute to the back and vixe versa.

    Thursdays-I just cycle Legs and Biceps again

    Fridays- Rest day

   Saturdays-Back to chest and Triceps

   Sundays-Shoulders and back

My schedule is laid out so my muscles have two days to recover before I work them out again. That's why I work them out in two's. Some people like to target one muscle group a day and that works too, do what's comfortable for you.

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