Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dieting facts and tips

The healthy eating is for me the most difficult part to stay in check with. I'll start with posting the basic information and build off it from there. I'm going to give the basics on carbs, protein, and fat and why each on is an important part of your diet. Unfortunately this part is going to be pretty dry. I'll be posting some Advanced and beginner workout routines soon.

1. Drink lots of water:
Drinking water and staying hydrated has many benefits. If you’re physically active, you’re going to lose fluids by sweating and through your lungs while breathing. This is going to hurt your athletic performance because the amount of blood in your system is decreasing, meaning you’re muscles are getting less oxygen, which will ultimately make you tired quicker.
Staying hydrated will also keep you more alert, and less tired during your everyday activities.

2. Protein:
Protein is going to play a key role in your diet. It plays a role in repairing muscle, as well as building them. After physical exercise your body is going to need protein to repair the ripped muscles and make them stronger.
The most beneficial sources of protein to build muscle and cut the fat are Turkey breast or chicken breast, fish such as salmon, tuna, or halibut, lean beef, eggs, milk, and yogurt.

3. Carbohydrates:
Carbohydrates are where you’re going to be getting most of your energy. They have high energy content with a low fat content and should make up most of a person’s diet (45-60%). The carbs that you’re going to want to eat are referred to as “Complex Carbs”. Complex carbs are foods such as beans, oatmeal, whole-grain foods (breads), rice, and fruits. You’re also going to want to cut out “simple carbs” which are derived from white flour (white bread and pasta) because they contain calories that are less useful due to their low nutritional value.

Now it’s obvious that excessive fat consumption leads to unwanted weight gain. You’re body does need some types of fats though, such as Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s which are known as essential fats or fatty acids. Their found in fish, walnuts, or fish oil capsules. The body also needs monounsaturated fats which can be found in seeds or avocados.

5: Supplements:
The supplements I use are protein, pre-workout sometimes, glutamine sometimes, and Fish oil capsules. Now the reason I take protein is because I don't have enough time to eat food with enough protein all the time or immediately after exercise. So I take a protein shake and it fills me up and gives me the protein I need, and it works. Pre-workout I take specifically on the days where I'm just tired and not feeling the gym, once I have some preworkout I feel like superman and have no problem going to the gym. I personally wouldn't even recommend glutamine, I've tried it and literally haven't seen or felt and difference. It's completely unnecessary and I personally believe it could be a waste of money, that's just my opinion. Now fish oil on the other hand, I think is great. I haven't been recently using it and I notice a difference. It makes me think way clearer and I actually have better memory. I definitely recommend anyone to take it, whether they workout or not. Especially in school.
   As far as brand go for supplements, I find most have the same end results. With protein I use to use the wal-mart brands and they worked, the only problem was that they tasted terrible and didn't mix well at all. I find from personal experience and experience of friends that has the best protein for the price usually. They have great brands (I haven't tried them all) but I'm confident everything they have is good stuff. The link if you're interested in buying protein at is: That link takes you directly to the whey protein that they have. I've only ever used whey before so I can't speak on the other types. If you have any questions about a brand you're interested in or anything, feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply. If it's a brand I haven't used personally I'll talk to a friend that has.

   A cool tool for figuring out how much you should be eating is the macronutrient calculator on It can be found here:


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